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Retainer Services for Digital Consulting

To provide ongoing guidance and project management assistance to ensure strategies and priorities are met.

There are times when an organization just wants or needs ongoing support for a particular project, the implementation of a plan and/or to be able to reach out to us when they have questions or issues. For these situations, we offer a working retainer. Over a predetermined period of time, a retainer provides periodic virtual meetings, moderated by Greystone, for the client to discuss topics of importance to them. Greystone can also help you monitor progress on a plan and make mid-course adjustments, as needed. And through a retainer, Greystone can be generally available to help you address any challenges or issues as they arise. Let us know if we can help you.

Priorities are Executed as Planned

Monitored, Managed and Kept on Track to Reach Goals

Dynamically-Adjusted as the Environment Changes

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