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  • Dr. Chatbot Will See You Now

    by Sara Foster | Nov 29, 2017
    Chatbots help consumers interact with many different industries, and now are coming to healthcare. Automated chatbot conversations, occurring throughout the year, help build true relationships. Timely check-ins with patients gather health data, provide relevant information and offer a smooth way to register or set appointments. In this HCIC session, participants saw an example of a cool interface, experienced a chat and learned how chatbots are used at Centura Penrose St. Francis and other hospitals.

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  • Website Satisfaction Surveys: Why Is Healthcare The Late Adopter?

    by Sara Foster | Jun 02, 2016
    As a group of healthcare-specific Website consultants, we spend our day-to-day freshening up on the digital trends within and outside of our industry. It’s no secret that healthcare is typically one step behind most industries in the adoption of trendy tech gadgets. And it often makes sense, as we are typically on tighter budgets because marketing

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  • HCIC: Backstage Pass Webinar Series Begins This Week

    by Kathy Divis | May 20, 2013
    If you haven’t already signed up for this week’s HCIC: Backstage Pass presentation to be held on Wednesday, May 22, you’ll want to be sure to sign up today! At 12 noon CDT this Wednesday, Stephanie Cannon will discuss “Developing Interactive Scorecards That Make Sense to Your ‘C-Suite.’” The session, which will run until 1:15 p.m., is one of the “R

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  • Windows 8: A Harbinger of the Future? A Tipping Point for Mobile?

    by Kathy Divis | May 17, 2013
    Last month, I talked about how mobile devices and technology are overtaking the digital landscape. An earlier AP article follows this theme in discussing the disappointing launch of Windows 8. Well, disappointing to Microsoft, if to no one else. What was supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to the burgeoning number and influence of mobile devices h

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  • And the Survey Says? See What Marketers Say About Big Data.

    by Greystone Administrator | Apr 11, 2013
    As we’ve covered briefly in our GreyMatters e-newsletter over the last few months, the era of Big Data is upon us. Have you wondered where marketers stand on the Big Data topic? While not healthcare specific, some answers to those questions are available. Recently, the CMO Council and SAS published results of their cross-industry survey of world

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  • What is a Marketer's Role in Big Data?

    by Greystone Administrator | Feb 13, 2013
    We all know that Big Data is a hot topic. In fact, according to Reuters, Big Data will grow by 45% annually to reach a $25b industry by 2015.  And, it's a hot topic in healthcare too; although the  focus of many articles on the topic tend to center around the use of data to improve care or disease management, and rightly so. By using data to track

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  • Are You Taking Advantage of Free?

    by Laura Clemons | Oct 19, 2011
    Free is good, especially when it comes to marketing your hospital or health system. So you jump in with free opportunities to display your brand through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; then you start a blog and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t feel so free anymore. In fact, social media-based marketing costs real money. Gra

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  • A Few More Thoughts ... From the Webmaster Workshop

    by Michael Schneider | Sep 01, 2011
    What a great group we had for the Webmaster Workshop last week in Chicago!  I thought the food and the service at the Sofitel was fantastic.  The networking and the conversations seemed to be valuable to all and, as usual, it was like drinking through a fire hose as we were trying to take in all of the good ideas and case studies. As you settle

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