Potential Speaking Topics

the CEC Selection Committee is open to all ideas on timely, useful and insightful topics about the current state, management and growth of healthcare-based call centers, contact centers, virtual care centers and customer service functions, but we are particularly interested in submissions focused in the areas listed below.

Please know that other topics and seasoned speakers with expertise on a variety of topics are welcomed. The Selection Committee is particularly interested in presentations that include a provider-based perspective and speaker as part of the proposed topic. 

Staffing Management

  • Designing staffing models for fluctuating volumes
  • Work from Home (WFH) models for a contact center
  • Adding clinical depth quickly to a call center
  • How to recruit optimal agents for your call center
  • Best practices in staff retention

Technology and Innovation

  • How to deploy virtual care through the Contact Center
  • Using the Contact Center for remote patient monitoring and other support
  • Using technology to streamline operations (e.g., chatbots, texting, web chats, etc.)
  • Integrating Call Center/Contact Centers with operations as part of the health system’s digital transformation
  • How to smoothly integrate voice and digital systems (e.g., class registration, event registration, physician directory, appointment scheduling, etc.)
  • Best practices in managing call center and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • How to work smoothly with marketing and operations
  • How to prevent cyber attacks


  • Technology to answer large volume of calls quickly and accurately 
  • Deploying Contact Center tools to help the health system emerge from the pandemic (e.g., scheduling deferred patients, supporting virtual care, etc.)
  • Using the contact center to remotely monitor patients
  • New roles for the call center (e.g., virtual care participation, exposure risk management for health system employees, mental/behavior health management options, EMR support, etc.)

Management and Reporting

  • Best practices for communicating with remote staff
  • What does ROI mean now?
  • Tips and tools for retaining staff during difficult times
  • Developing and sharing effective dashboards

Contact Center and Customer Service Management

  • How to develop a strategic plan for your contact center
  • How to align your call center with organizational goals
  • Centralize or not? What’s the best solution for your customer service and points of contact?
  • Best practices in training and quality management 
  • Best practices in training and quality management of remote agents
  • Best practices in customer service 
  • Best practices in virtual care delivery
  • Best practices in appointment scheduling, online scheduling, etc.
  • How to ensure your contact center stays inside the legal guard rails (e.g., HIPAA, Stark, GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

Team Building, Morale Boosting and Culture

  • How to boost morale for staff working from home
  • Building a cohesive culture when you some of your staff work from home, others work in the office or a mix
  • How to support the professional and personal needs of your staff
  • How to add “fun” to the call center agent job
  • Unique or unusual ways to reward staff during high stress times in the call center
  • And other topics touching on team building, morale boosting and establishing a positive culture