Thanks to all on the healthcare front lines who have helped at least 

people worldwide recover from COVID-19!

Updated: 9/21/2020

As you and your organizations work diligently to manage your response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel your pain and we want to help!

If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to call on us! We're available at or 770-407-7670. Stay safe and be well.

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Government and Professional Organization Guidelines and Recommendations:

Examples of Covid-19 Homepages and Landing Pages:

Symptom Checkers and Chatbots:

From Our Colleagues on the Front Lines:

NewYork-Presbyterian CXO Rick Evans: How will we rebuild trust with patients now and after COVID-19? NEW!

'You can't slow down': Houston Methodists' Michelle Stansbury on how to innovate amid the pandemic 

Chicago Health System Uses mHealth to Monitor Staff, Patients for COVID-19 

30% of Johns Hopkins in-person visits will convert to telehealth post pandemic, CEO says 

Responding to the Needs of the Elderly Community During COVID-19  - Cleveland Clinic 

For One Georgia Health System, Telehealth is Definitely Here to Stay 

People have been ‘frightened to go back to hospitals and clinics’: UCLA Hospital System CEO 

CT hospital CEOs reflect on COVID-19 surge, look ahead to uncertain future 

CareMount Medical uses telehealth now to avoid health crisis later 

Ochsner Health re-opens O-Bars 

Northwell Health surpasses 10,200 COVID-19 patient discharges 

The victory playlist: Songs hospitals play to celebrate COVID-19 wins 

How Phoenix Children's built a telemedicine dashboard and transitioned 6K visits in one week 

Northwell 'Hope Tracker' at Madison Square Garden displays COVID-19 recoveries 

How Cleveland Clinic rapidly scaled its telehealth program during the pandemic: 8 key notes 

UW Medicine: Top 10 things hospital IT departments can do in response to COVID-19 

Ochsner Health's key tactics to promote staff well-being during COVID-19 

Mount Sinai Unveils mHealth Resource for Nurses Treating COVID-19 Patients 

OSF HealthCare Uses Telehealth, RPM to Treat COVID-19 Patients at Home 

Omnibus COVID survey from Klein and Partners 

Consumer Survey Update COVID-19 from Revive Health 

Providence pivots digital consumer tools for COVID-19 response 

OhioHealth: Mask Cross-Contamination Experiment [video] 

How Mount Sinai's IT team is responding to COVID-19 

5 insights from a hospital that's treated 3,500+ COVID-19 patients 

Intensive care nurse: "I failed in my attempt not to cry”

Mayo Clinic uses AI to map COVID-19 hot zones

COVID-19 on the tele-front lines: What telehealth nurses are encountering in the coronavirus battle

LifeBridge Health created a textile factory in 5 days to develop PPE — key insights from innovation chief Dr. Daniel Durand 

Mount Sinai reworks stroke platform to monitor COVID-19 patients remotely 

NewYork-Presbyterian's CXO: A dispatch from the front line of the COVID-19 emergency

UNC Health: Gimme Six Feet (Physical Distancing Video Remix)

UNC - Tips for Virtually Connecting 

Providence: Stress Meter Tool for employees

The coronavirus playbook: How 12 health systems are responding to the pandemic  

Using community health partnerships to manage coronavirus epidemic

Community leadership during a fast-changing pandemic: Setting up the COVID-19 call center at Yale New Haven Health

University of Utah Health: What it’s like to be a healthcare marketer during the coronavirus pandemic

Deaconess asks public to sew CDC-compliant face masks for staff

News from the front: Healthcare shifts into high gear to address the Coronavirus

UW Medicine, Seattle Children's Hospital partner with Amazon Care to deliver at-home coronavirus test kits

How 8 health systems are handling COVID-19 testing: in-house, drive-thru, triage and more

How large health systems can meet the unique needs of the urgent care customer experience

Additional News and Resources

Survey shows seniors are embracing technology and telehealth during pandemic NEW!

Healthcare leaders fight COVID-19 with technology 

Social Media Marketing Post-COVID: Marketers Predict the Future 

New Initiative Aims to Apply Consumer mHealth to Pandemic Planning 

Face masks in ads viewed favorably by consumers, study says 

What Did You Learn? Episode 3 with Aaron Johnson from Penn Medicine [Aha Media Group video] 

What Did You Learn? Episode 4 with Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks, a global community for communicators [Aha Media Group video] 

LinkedIn Publishes New Data on How Marketers are Dealing with the Impacts of COVID-19 [Infographic]

Facebook Adds New Prompts to Urge Mask Use in the US as COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

What Did You Learn? Episode 1 with Amanda Todorovich from Cleveland Clinic [Aha Media Group video] 

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Stronger Together: 3 Ideas in 3 Minutes - Episode 5 [video] 

Hospital outpatient volume recovering quicker than ED, inpatient: TransUnion 

Fewer people 'very concerned' about going to hospital, physician office 

Digital Transformation During COVID-19: How Can Marketers Lead the Way?

20 large hospital networks received $5B in federal bailout funds 

Stronger Together: 3 Ideas in 3 Minutes - Episode 4 [video] 

Five Ways to Keep Marketing Even If Your Marketing Budget Is Quarantined 

Patients deferring lifesaving care during pandemic, study suggests 

Overprepared for COVID-19 surges but not sorry, hospital leaders say 

The tech needed for more contactless hospitals, healthcare

Pandemic Impact on Hospital Marketers: New Survey Results from Greystone.Net with insights on how the pandemic is impacting hospital/healthcare system marketers and marketing and how it is impacting your everyday jobs and work lives

Stronger Together: 3 Ideas in 3 Minutes - Episode 3 

Stronger Together: 3 Ideas in 3 Minutes - Episode 2 

4 Ways to Share Calm and Consistent Messaging on Your Hospital’s Website 

ATA’s Johnson Charts Telehealth Strategies During, After COVID-19 

Google Provides New COVID-19 Notification Tools for Websites via Google Optimize 

Facebook Provides New COVID-19 Symptom Maps to Assist in Response Planning 

The future of medical technology devices in the time of COVID-19 

Caring for the caregivers: 7 ways healthcare leaders can support their teams through the pandemic COVID-19 Resource Center for Physicians 

Connecting people to virtual care options - Google is rolling out new platform features to surface virtual healthcare options in searches and on providers' Business Profiles 

Experian Health Will Provide Free Access to a List of Payer Policy Alerts Related to COVID-19 and Telehealth

Alleviating Nurse Burnout with Digital Health Tools

COVID-19 Healthcare Marketing Questions: Pause, Pivot, or Push for Success? with Aaron Clifford of Binary Fountain [webinar recording]

COVID-19: Healthcare Marketing Adjustments to Make in Response to Coronavirus

How states are collecting data to track COVID-19 equipment shortages, hospital beds

How to Be Clear During COVID-19: COVID-19 Plain Language - Aha Media Group [download]

Consumer Survey Data Explorer - assessing the impact of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic on consumers across the U.S. and how these new realities and opinions shape the healthcare landscape - Revive Health

Early lessons for marketers during the coronavirus pandemic

How local businesses should be communicating with customers during COVID-19

Can we trust automation in a time of crisis?

LinkedIn Provides an Overview of Content and Engagement Trends Related to COVID-19 [Infographic]

Twitter Provides Tips on How Brands Can Connect with Their Audiences Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

How stakeholders should push digital health services to fight COVID-19

Healthcare Rap [podcast]: COVID-19: How are digital teams stepping up? 

binary fountain/touch point media: COVID-19 Updates to Google and Yelp Listings [podcast] 

Facebook Adds New Tools for Facebook Live Amid Rising Demand and Usage 

Facebook Launches New Messenger COVID-19 Community Hub to Highlight Key Connectivity Tools 

Snapchat Adds Dedicated COVID-19 Update Section to Discover Tab 

Instagram Launches New Co-Watching Feature to Help Users Connect Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns 

Adapting to More Digital and Social Ways of Being in a Time of Crisis 

4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads are Critical for Your Business During COVID-19

How Advertisers Are Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis 

Array Advisors Projects Massive Shortage of Critical Care Physicians Due to COVID-19 

AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies): Consumer sentiment towards brands during COVID-19

nrc Health: Consumer-sentiment data on the coronavirus pandemic 

DETECT Health Study: Seeking study participants to use fitness trackers to track symptoms of possible viral outbreaks

DocASAP supporting providers, patients and access to care during COVID-19

LinkedIn MarCom COVID-19 group

How to make a face mask

CMS provides exemptions to quality payment program participants amid COVID-19 crisis

Chloroquine in short supply as hospitals buy in bulk

Hospitals ask veterinarians, dentists for supplies

Chaos, inconsistency mark launch of drive-thru virus testing