Thanks to all on the healthcare front lines who have helped at least 

people worldwide recover from COVID-19!

Updated: 7/2/2020

As you and your organizations work diligently to manage your response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel your pain and we want to help!

If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to call on us! We're available at or 770-407-7670. Stay safe and be well.

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Government and Professional Organization Guidelines and Recommendations:

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Symptom Checkers and Chatbots:

From Our Colleagues on the Front Lines:

30% of Johns Hopkins in-person visits will convert to telehealth post pandemic, CEO says NEW!

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For One Georgia Health System, Telehealth is Definitely Here to Stay 

People have been ‘frightened to go back to hospitals and clinics’: UCLA Hospital System CEO 

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Ochsner Health re-opens O-Bars 

Northwell Health surpasses 10,200 COVID-19 patient discharges 

The victory playlist: Songs hospitals play to celebrate COVID-19 wins 

How Phoenix Children's built a telemedicine dashboard and transitioned 6K visits in one week 

Northwell 'Hope Tracker' at Madison Square Garden displays COVID-19 recoveries 

How Cleveland Clinic rapidly scaled its telehealth program during the pandemic: 8 key notes 

UW Medicine: Top 10 things hospital IT departments can do in response to COVID-19 

Ochsner Health's key tactics to promote staff well-being during COVID-19 

Mount Sinai Unveils mHealth Resource for Nurses Treating COVID-19 Patients 

OSF HealthCare Uses Telehealth, RPM to Treat COVID-19 Patients at Home 

Omnibus COVID survey from Klein and Partners 

Consumer Survey Update COVID-19 from Revive Health 

Providence pivots digital consumer tools for COVID-19 response 

OhioHealth: Mask Cross-Contamination Experiment [video] 

How Mount Sinai's IT team is responding to COVID-19 

5 insights from a hospital that's treated 3,500+ COVID-19 patients 

Intensive care nurse: "I failed in my attempt not to cry”

Mayo Clinic uses AI to map COVID-19 hot zones

COVID-19 on the tele-front lines: What telehealth nurses are encountering in the coronavirus battle

LifeBridge Health created a textile factory in 5 days to develop PPE — key insights from innovation chief Dr. Daniel Durand 

Mount Sinai reworks stroke platform to monitor COVID-19 patients remotely 

NewYork-Presbyterian's CXO: A dispatch from the front line of the COVID-19 emergency

UNC Health: Gimme Six Feet (Physical Distancing Video Remix)

UNC - Tips for Virtually Connecting 

Providence: Stress Meter Tool for employees

The coronavirus playbook: How 12 health systems are responding to the pandemic  

Using community health partnerships to manage coronavirus epidemic

Community leadership during a fast-changing pandemic: Setting up the COVID-19 call center at Yale New Haven Health

University of Utah Health: What it’s like to be a healthcare marketer during the coronavirus pandemic

Deaconess asks public to sew CDC-compliant face masks for staff

News from the front: Healthcare shifts into high gear to address the Coronavirus

UW Medicine, Seattle Children's Hospital partner with Amazon Care to deliver at-home coronavirus test kits

How 8 health systems are handling COVID-19 testing: in-house, drive-thru, triage and more

How large health systems can meet the unique needs of the urgent care customer experience

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The future of medical technology devices in the time of COVID-19 

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COVID-19 Healthcare Marketing Questions: Pause, Pivot, or Push for Success? with Aaron Clifford of Binary Fountain [webinar recording]

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Facebook Adds New Tools for Facebook Live Amid Rising Demand and Usage 

Facebook Launches New Messenger COVID-19 Community Hub to Highlight Key Connectivity Tools 

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Adapting to More Digital and Social Ways of Being in a Time of Crisis 

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Array Advisors Projects Massive Shortage of Critical Care Physicians Due to COVID-19 

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nrc Health: Consumer-sentiment data on the coronavirus pandemic 

DETECT Health Study: Seeking study participants to use fitness trackers to track symptoms of possible viral outbreaks

DocASAP supporting providers, patients and access to care during COVID-19

LinkedIn MarCom COVID-19 group

How to make a face mask

CMS provides exemptions to quality payment program participants amid COVID-19 crisis

Chloroquine in short supply as hospitals buy in bulk

Hospitals ask veterinarians, dentists for supplies

Chaos, inconsistency mark launch of drive-thru virus testing