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Speaking Event at the SHSMD Annual Conference: The Hidden Asset in your MarTech Stack: How to Use Voice of the Digital Customer Data to Improve the Patient Experience and Enhance Brand Reputation

Don't miss this pre-conference workshop at the 2019 SHSMD Annual Conference -- scheduled for September 8, 2019 at 12:30p at the Music City Convention Center in Nashville, TN -- it is a deep dive into the role the Voice of the Digital Customer plays in your MarTech Stack and how to use the data in your digital marketing. Read on for more information: 

Today’s contemporary healthcare marketers are building-out their MarTech stacks and using its data to glean customer insights that drive better business results. That objective – better results – is one of the reasons why the “voice of the digital customer” (VoDC) is emerging as a pivotal cog in both an effective MarTech stack and a productive marketing function.

VoDC captures customer feedback about their experiences with your digital properties and their expectations of your health system’s services and products. An effective VoDC program captures feedback across multiple channels and provides actionable insights.

In this workshop:

  • Understand what a MarTech stack is and how VoDC fits into it and your digital marketing mix
  • Learn why a VoDC solution set is important and understand its real tangible benefits
  • Recognize the elements of an effective VoDC program
  • Learn how to start building a solution for your organization
  • Hear real case studies of how two healthcare organizations – Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Sharp HealthCare – have used VoDC insights to identify the highest-priority website changes, guide website redesigns and positively impact the organizations’ brand and digital properties.

Leave the workshop with a greater understanding MarTech stacks and how one element of it, a VoDC solution set, can be used to improve the patient experience and enhance brand reputation by developing customer-first digital properties.

Kelly Faley, Vice President of Web Strategies and Customer Contact Centers, Sharp HealthCare 
Neal Linkon, Director, Marketing Operations, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Kathy Divis, President and Michael Schneider, Executive Vice President, Greystone.Net

Date, Time and Place:
September 8, 2019 at 12:30p
Music City Convention Center
Nashville, TN