Healthcare Call Center Consulting

Greystone.Net's hospital call center consultants help develop, manage and re-engineer the many varied types of call centers often found throughout a health system. This includes customer experience consultancy specializing in tools, technology, audits and assessments. Some types of call centers include marketing-response call centers, nurse triage centers, scheduling centers, switchboards, billing call centers and more. 

Greystone provides sound strategic advice and counsel on the development and management of these call centers, having helped more than 100 organizations either build a call center from scratch or re-engineer an existing program. 

Some of the services that are available include:

  • Conducting assessments of existing call centers to determine their effectiveness and productivity, identify unmet needs and opportunities and to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Helping hospitals and health systems think through their needs from a call center perspective and develop a strategic vision, goals and road map.
  • Developing plans for call center consolidation, standardization and unification.
  • Determining how existing call centers should integrate with a health system's digital platforms - website, portals, social channels, CRM platforms, EMR system, scheduling systems and more - to ensure they are complementary, coordinated and integrated, if at all possible.
  • Helping hospitals and health systems reach a "make versus buy" decision regarding call centers - should we outsource the service or build an internal call center? 
  • Assisting in vendor selection and review, if new call center software or vendors are required.


A thorough strategic and operational review of a call center's operations will determine its current operational state and enable us to identify service gaps and make recommendations about opportunities for improvement. Today, that often means finding ways to communicate with patients and prospective patients via telephone, email, patient portals, web forms, text messages, social media channels, mobile devices and video conferencing. As a result, Greystone often works with hospital call centers who wish to:

  • Integrate call center and web functions including the incorporation of email, web chat, texting, video, etc., into the call center environment.
  • Centralize core telephony functions such as marketing, scheduling, financial clearance, switchboards, nurse triage, transfer centers, transport services, etc.