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Experience Improvement Requires More Than Data

Apr 19, 2021

Customer experience – CX – is of major importance for businesses.  After all, if customers aren’t happy with their interactions with a business, they won’t come back. But are you sure your CX efforts are providing the results you want? photo of a man conducting a transaction on his smartphone

Many organizations measure CX using various metrics. But if your CX needs improvement, metrics alone won’t provide what you need to amp up your game. Experience improvement (XI) involves the entire organization working together to find and fix the source of experience issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.

These three steps can guide your XI efforts:

  • Use your business objectives as a guide. This seems intuitive, but before you start gathering and analyzing data, you need to confirm what objectives you’re looking to achieve. Define the problem you want to fix, then develop your XI initiative working toward that fix. Working on a specific issue will guide you to what and whom you should listen to.
  • Eliminate data silos. XI efforts should be an across-department effort, so everyone needs access to all the data.
  • Turn data into action. Once you’ve gathered the data you need to affect change in your XI effort, enlist the C-suite to provide leadership to engage the energy and passion of your staff to implement your plan. This may mean that previous strategies will need to be updated, changed or discarded altogether.

Metrics alone will not get you to your desired CX. You’ll also need a thoughtful plan, based on data, to obtain real improvement.

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