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Getting The Most Engagement From Facebook

facebookIf your organization uses social media, then you are most likely on Facebook. Although you may also use other social platforms, Facebook remains popular with many people and organizations. But how can you be sure you are using Facebook to the best advantage? A recent analysis by BuzzSumo, a social media analytics platform, found that certain types of posts get more engagement.

For the analysis, BuzzSumo looked at 1 billion+ posts during January of this year. The posts were from 3 million brands, both small business and large corporations, from all over the globe. Details from the analysis include:

  • The most engagement overall comes from posts that are images and posts that ask questions.
  • Of text posts, those that contain fewer than 50 characters get the most engagement. BuzzSumo interprets this to mean that Facebook followers use the platform more for discovery and reacting with people and companies, rather than as a source for in-depth information.
  • Short posts that link to longer content elsewhere (such as articles or blogs) get more engagement than other article post types.
  • Image posts are more popular and images posted via Instagram are 23% more popular than images posted directly on Facebook.
  • Posting videos directly on Facebook gets more engagement than embedded YouTube videos.
  • Posts that are posted in the late evening (10p-midnight local time) and on Sundays get more engagement.
  • It may seem counter-intuitive, but posts without hashtags get more interaction than posts with hashtags.

How is your organization’s Facebook engagement? Do you have any particular Facebook strategies that work well to improve engagement?

Ochsner Continues Digital Innovation with Optimal Hospital

oschnerOchsner Health System in New Orleans has been a leading innovator in digital healthcare for some time now. In fact, Ochsner received the 2015 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame award for Innovative Provider Organization in recognition of its digital contributions to the healthcare industry. A new program developed by Ochsner, called Optimal Hospital, is intended to optimize communications among patients and providers.

Optimal Hospital comprises several components, including Epic apps and a wireless mobile monitoring system. Some of its features include:

  • iPhone or Apple Watch access to patient lists, hospital admissions and discharges and patient records for physicians via Epic Haiku
  • iPad access to test results, current patient data and trending reports  via Epic Canto.
  • Use of hospital-provided iPhones to allow nurses to scan patient barcodes via Epic Rover to help prevent medication errors.
  • Patient-facing MyChart Beside app loaded on an iPad provided to patients, which allows inpatients to see their procedure schedules, lab results, medications, vital signs and condition-related health information. The app identifies the patient’s providers both verbally and with photos. It has a recording function so that interactions with providers can be recorded to review later or share with family members who weren’t present during the provider interaction.
  • A wireless mobile monitoring system that allows for monitoring of patients outside of their beds or hospital rooms. Physicians can set the alarm parameters so that they can be notified if certain vital signs or other physiological indicators fall out of a predetermined range.

Ochsner anticipates Optimal Hospital will be refined and updated as new technologies become available. The program is being rolled out in stages, with some features already fully functional and others still in testing before the final roll-out.

Dr. Richard Milani, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, at Ochsner, says "Technology doesn’t stop and there’s always a better piece that might come around the corner that can help benefit any of these constituencies. What we’re looking for is how can we best position our care teams and patients to get the best possible outcomes most efficiently. That’s the goal. So we’re always keeping an eye out for what’s on the horizon.”

Social Media: Key Elements For Doing It Right

social_mediaEverybody is doing social media. Everybody. But are they doing social media just to be doing it? Or are they actually getting results in the form of documented ROI? Savvy organizations using social media have developed and implemented a social media strategy. A social media strategic plan should incorporate three key elements to stay on track with goals while building brand presence.

  • Define your target audience. Which social media platforms to use, when to deploy posts and other content, how many resources to devote to each platform – all of these decisions should be based on who your target audience is. If you need help refining your audience parameters, tools such as Google Analytics and BuzzSumo are available to help you track social media referrals and ascertain the best platforms to spend your time on.
  • Define your message. Having a defined message does not mean all of your posts have to sound alike to reflect your message. It does mean that every post should serve a purpose and should contribute to building a loyal community of advocates who help to build your brand’s presence. Any post – text, article, blog, image or video – should be purposefully chosen to further your message. One technique to help in defining your organizations message is “the five whys.” Start with a statement that describes your organization’s purpose, i.e., “We provide excellent healthcare services to the people in our area.” Then ask “Why do we deliver excellent healthcare services to the people in our area?” Ask “why” of each answer for 4 more times to help you hone in on why you do what you do. This exercise can help to provide clarity for your social media strategy as you work to build your audience and your brand.
  • Define the goals of your message. Once you’ve crafted your strategy and have begun to reach out via social media, what is it that you want your audience to do? Determining this will affect the type of ROI you use. If ROI doesn’t show improvement after a predetermined period of time, it’s probably time to revisit your target audience and message definitions.

How is your organization doing with social media? Are you meeting your goals?

Hospital Use of mHealth Technology On the Rise

mhealthAs hospitals and health systems look for more patient-center technology solutions, they are increasingly adopting mHealth tools. A recent survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) found that the use of connected health at the nation’s hospitals is steadily growing.

The survey, which was one of several surveys released at the HIMSS annual conference last month, found that more than half of the hospitals and health systems surveyed have at least three different kinds of connected health technology in use. About half of the survey respondents also said their organizations intend to expand their use of mHealth tools in the near future. mHealth expansion plans include:

  • Concierge services (33%)
  • Collecting data from health-related wearables (22%)
  • SMS texting services (20%)
  • Remote patient monitoring platforms (19%)
  • Mobile-optimized patient portals (19%)

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • Health systems are focused on being the first to adopt mHealth in their geographic regions to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Health systems are appealing to consumers by using video consults, RPM platforms and mobile-optimized patient portals.
  • Health systems are appealing to clinicians by using RPM tools, SMS texting and concierge services.
  • Telehealth and mobile-optimized portals are being used to meet patient satisfaction and patient engagements goals.
  • 80% of survey respondents say their organizations use at least one connected health technology; over half of respondents are planning to adopt new technology; and 5% of those organizations not currently using connected health technology plan to start using it soon.

Is your organization using mHealth technology? If so, what are you using and how is it working for you? We’d love to hear your story at

Backstage Pass: 2 Web Clinics Offered in April

backstage-passSeason 1 of the 2016 edition of Backstage Pass is in full swing! We had three great Web clinics presented in March, and have two more sessions on tap for April. We hope you’ll join us!

  • 7 Best Practices to Consider When Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Digital Marketing Program - Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 1-2 pm EST. Learn the value questions to ask when assessing the effectiveness of your digital marketing program. Presented by Patty Cisco, Principal and Founder, Marketing Essentials and Connie Kingsbury, Vice President of Marketing, Life Enriching Communities.
  • Wearables and the Internet of Things in the Exam Room - Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 1-2pm EST. Take an inside look at how technology is affecting patient care settings, particularly the exam room. Learn how physicians are utilizing wearables to advance medical care and engage with today’s connected patients. Presented by Jared Johnson, Principal and Digital Marketing Senior, Ultera Digital; Steve Koch, Senior Healthcare Strategist, Sitewire Health; and Russ Maloney, Senior Strategic Planner, Sitewire Health.

Backstage Pass is a Webinar series that extends the education from the annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) by providing a monthly health check throughout the year for those who may have missed a topic of interest or who weren't able to attend HCIC at all. The Webinars are case studies from the top presenters at HCIC. The best part is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home to attend. No luggage, no airplanes, no TSA, no hassle – it’s a win-win!

Please register for these Web Clinics and future Web Clinics by visiting the registration page.

20th Annual HCIC Booths, Sponsorships – Opportunities Are Dwindling

20th-HCICThe 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference promises to be very special this year. Don't wait too long to reserve your booth space and/or sign up as a sponsor! Booth space is available on a first come, first served basis, so now is the time to reserve your "prime" real estate at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

If your organization is considering exhibiting and/or sponsoring at this year’s conference, you’re encouraged to go ahead and sign up now. There are some new options this year, so be sure to check out the prospectus and submit your application early, as booth space and sponsorships are limited and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

On the Road With Greystone!

roadWe will be attending a couple of conferences over the next couple of months. We hope you’ll stop by to visit with us if you’re also in attendance.

  • 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit, May 23-25, 2016 - Chicago, IL. Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net, will be joined by Neal Linkon from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to present “The Mobile Only Customer: Are You Ready?” on Tuesday, May 24, at 10:00 AM.
  • 28th Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers, June 8-10, 2016 - Chicago, IL. Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net, speaking with Suzanne Herman, RN, from UNC Healthcare, will present “Just How Important Do You Want To Be: Growing the Value of Your Call Center” on Thursday, June 9, at 3:30 PM.
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