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Patient Portal as mHealth Tool


We recently noted that many healthcare organizations are not waiting for tech companies to develop digital products and programs for them. These organizations are taking matters into their own hands to provide integration of digital tools, enable patients to take more proactive roles in their own care, and offer ways to provide more value while lowering costs. The Mount Sinai Health System in New York recently joined the list of digital healthcare innovators by turning its patient portal into an app.

Mount Sinai’s IT department partnered with LifeMap Solutions to provide the app – MountSinaiNY - that patients will want to use. Getting patients to engage with hospital apps has been an issue, according to Accenture, which reported in January that while two-thirds of the largest hospitals in the country offer apps to their patients, only 2% of their patients use the apps offered.

Mount Sinai has developed a series of mHealth apps and the MountSinaiNY app is the latest as the system works to improve patient engagement and reach new populations outside the system’s physical campus. MountSinaiNY allows patients to:

  • access medical records through MyMountSinaiChart
  • find a specific doctor and request an appointment
  • pay bills
  • access general information on the health system as well as news, blog and social media feeds

Future app updates are expected to include:

  • wayfinding
  • symptom tracking
  • emergency health management
  • enhanced telemedicine
  • further access to the Epic EHR platform

Has your organization developed its own app(s)? If so, are you finding them useful and engaging for patients? We’d love to hear your story!

Snapchat: Not Just For Kids Anymore


According to a recent survey from cross-platform measurement company comScore, Snapchat is becoming much more popular with an older crowd. The social medial platform with its ephemeral format has been quite trendy with young people, primarily due to the fact that posts disappear shortly after posting, thus preventing a lot of parental monitoring. But as its user base grows, more and more adults age 35 and older are using Snapchat.

The data from comScore show that the number of older users has increased substantially from three years ago – from 2% to 14% of Smartphone users aged 35 and over. Part of the appeal for older users is the "Discover" section of the app, which brings more varied content to users than just photos and videos. Snapchat has formed partnerships with media companies in the development of the Discover format.

Usually once a social media platform becomes popular with older people (e.g., the parents of the younger early adopters), the younger users abandon ship in search of the next “latest greatest” thing. However, this doesn’t seem to be happening so much with Snapchat. According to a Wall Street Journal article, younger people are staying with the app for now, because it provides for a more closed and fleeting communication format.

Has your organization embraced Snapchat yet? If yes, please share your strategy and results with us. We’d love to hear about it!

Updates From Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

updateThe only sure things in life are death and taxes…and constant updates from social media platforms. Just as you get used to the features on a particular platform, they go and change it all up. Here are some upcoming updates that you will probably see in the near future.

  • Twitter response badge, featured tweets tab. The response badge feature lets a visitor to a Twitter user’s page know when the person or organization is most active on Twitter. This lets a visitor know when he or she is most likely to get a response from the user, and also helps the user see patterns of use. The featured tweets tab will appear near the top of the user’s Tweets page. Under this tab, the user’s latest and most popular tweets will be displayed.
  • Twitter sports broadcasting. Twitter signed a deal earlier in the year to start live-streaming NFL football games on Thursday nights. During the recent Wimbledon tournament, tennis matches were live-streamed.
  • Facebook video downloads. This update is intended primarily for locations where connectivity and mobile data are limited. A Facebook user will be able to download a video when a good internet connection is available and then watch the video at a later time, whether or not an internet connection is available.
  • Facebook Messenger account switching. This feature is already available on Android devices and will be available for iOS platforms soon. It allows users with multiple Facebook accounts (i.e., a personal page plus a business page) to easily navigate back and forth between accounts to respond to Messenger activity.
  • Instagram comment moderation. Brands using Instagram now have the option to block comments with offensive words or phrases from appearing in their posts. This enables brands to have more control over the content presented to their audiences. 

Nuggets About Today’s Consumers from Mary Meeker

nuggetsYou’ve probably heard of Mary Meeker’s annual report on the state of internet trends. When it’s released each year, analysts pore over it and report on the various nuggets they’ve gleaned.

One such article talks about the five facts the 2016 Meeker report reveals about millennial consumers. Millennials are the fastest-growing demographic group and have overtaken baby boomers as the largest such group in the US. Marketers need to understand this group in order to effectively target them. Here are some tips:

  • Visual content rules. The millennials – and particularly the younger segment of the group – have known mostly nothing but digital forms of communication. They’re used to messaging and videos, and have an attention span relative to these media. The 18-34 year old age group spends time on various social media platforms like this:
    • Over 1,000 minutes/month on Facebook
    • 350 minutes/month on Snapchat and Instagram
    • Just over 100 minutes/month on Twitter
    • Thus, this group’s attention is best captured by short messages that include images and video. Brands that haven’t already started planning strategies around a visual focus are already behind.

    • User-shared video is the thing. Snapchat has fueled the wave of user-shared videos. The number of shared videos on Snapchat rose from 1 billion views/day in 2014Q4 to over 10 billion views/day in 2016Q1. In addition, Snapchat’s Discover channel has begun to attract young viewers to news content from various news providers. Brands have started to capitalize on this video explosion. Video is a better medium for sharing and consumers engage with video longer than other media.
    • Instant messaging is also the thing. The preferred type of communication varies along generational lines. Boomers prefer the telephone, Gen Z likes social media and the internet and millennials prefer IM. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp – these platforms and others are widely used by younger groups. Brands are using automated chatbots as a customer service tool at various touchpoints.
    • Curators, sharers. Millennials are accessing information via the filters of their friends and contacts, then share the content they find the most appealing. This impacts brands by making it more difficult for them to reach this demographic group. In order to become a part of the millennial conversation, brands must offer content that is fresh and visually appealing.
    • Creating and collaborating. Gen Z is more into creating and collaborating content, so apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and Facebook Live are popular among these users. Brands wanting to reach Gen Z will be wise to offer consumers an opportunity to personalize and customize content related to their experiences with the brands.

    It’s a new day in marketing because of millennials and Gen Z. Is your organization up to the task of appealing to these groups?

    20th Annual HCIC: Three Months Away!

    20th-HCICCan you believe that the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas is only three months away? That’s right – in a little over three months from now, we’ll be gathering at The Cosmopolitan to convene the next HCIC!

    There’s a lot of information available about the conference related to registration, exhibitors, keynote speakers, etc. Here’s a synopsis of current HCIC information.

    Registration. Registration opened June 1 and the response has been brisk. If you register by Sept. 9, you’ll receive a discount on the registration fee. Don’t wait too long to sign up – you don’t want to miss out!

    Exhibitors. Over 85% of the exhibition booths have been sold. If you’re interested in exhibiting at HCIC, don’t wait another minute to sign up for a booth!

    Sponsors. Several good sponsorships options are still available if you act soon. Call and talk to Jen Pense at 312-440-9080, ext. 23 if you want more information or Sign up now if your organization is interested in being a sponsor.

    Keynote sessions. This year’s conference features a great lineup of inspiring keynote speakers that you won’t want to miss. Keynote topics and speakers include:

    • Protecting the Digital Transformation of Healthcare. Presented by Tim Eades - CEO, vAmour - and Jon Russell - Senior Vice President and Associate CIO, John Muir Health.
    • Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different. Presented by Scott Stratten - President of UnMarketing.
    • Healthcare, Remixed. Presented by Zubin Damania, MD (aka ZDogg MD) - Founder, Turntable Health | ZDoggMD.
    • Turning the Ship — How to Move Your Brand Forward in the Digital Age. Presented by Dalal Haldeman, MBA, Ph.D. - Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine - and Aaron Watkins - Senior Director, Internet Strategy and Digital Content Marketing,Johns Hopkins Medicine.
    • 2016 eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Presented by Mark Gothberg - Chairman, eHealthcare Leadership Awards and COO, Health Care Communications; J. Anthony Huth - Co-founder/Executive VP, Medicom Health Interactive; and Becky Smith - Marketing Communications Manager, Coffey Communications.
    • Life After Google Glass and the Future of Wearables. Presented by Paul Ten Haken - President, Click Rain.

    Pre-conference workshops. Four 3-hour sessions will be available on Monday morning, Nov. 7, prior to the start of the main conference that afternoon. If you register by Sept. 9, you’ll receive a discounted rate of $95 ($125 after Sept. 9). The pre-conference sessions are:

    • Mapping the Journey from MarCom to MarTech
    • Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations: Navigating a Successful Intranet Journey
    • Break the Record: How to Activate and Engage Your Community via Patient Portals
    • How to Build a Successful Content Strategy: A Manageable, Step-by-Step Approach to Web Content

    For more information about the HCIC, get the latest details here:

    Let’s Talk Engagement: A Pre-HCIC Educational Event

    lets-talk-logoAre you planning to attend the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference? Are you a client of either Greystone.Net or Healthgrades? If so, you're invited to arrive in Las Vegas a day early to attend Let's Talk Engagement, a pre-HCIC event. It will be held on the afternoon/evening of Sunday, November 6th.

    Let’s Talk Engagement will feature speakers from both inside and outside the industry, sharing knowledge and experiences on how to transform healthcare by integrating digital strategy with CMS and CRM, and all in an informal setting.

    The event starts at 4:00pm on Sunday, November 6th, and will conclude with an evening of fun, cocktails, appetizers and good conversation.

    If you want to attend this event, there’s no added cost if you are also attending HCIC. Just click “Attending” in the Special Event section of the HCIC registration form.

    If you’re not a client of Greystone or Healthgrades and want an invitation, send us an email at and we can discuss the possibility.

    Backstage Pass: 3 Web Clinics in August

    Backstage PassSeason 2 of the 2016 Backstage Pass Web Clinic Series has begun. Three new Web clinics will be available in August.

    On Wednesday, July 10th, from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT, join us to hear Christine Bon, Manager, Digital Marketing and Communication at Advocate Health Care, present Stories of the Girls – A Digital Marketing Case Study. Christine will give an overview of Advocate Health Care’s digital strategy and how they are leveraging digital and social advertising to promote their oncology service line. She will dive into how Advocate is using digital to increase breast cancer awareness and encourage women to schedule their mammogram appointments online.

    On Wednesday, August 24th, from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT, Evaluating your Digital Strategy: Combining Digital, Data, and Mobile will be presented by Bill Balderaz, President, Futurety. Bill will discuss strategies to ensure efficient exchange among your digital, data management and mobile marketing strategies by examining these three key areas and understanding how they interrelate.

    On Wednesday, August 31st, from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT, Shawn Stavseth and Melissa Hohertz-Foat from Bluespire Marketing will present Transform Patient Journeys with Effective and Personalized Engagement. During this presentation, healthcare strategists and technology experts will discuss how organizations across the country are assessing and improving patient engagement, while simultaneously making patient journeys more personalized and effective.

    Backstage Pass is a Webinar series that extends the education from the annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) by providing a monthly health check throughout the year for those who may have missed a topic of interest or who weren't able to attend HCIC at all. The Webinars are case studies from the top presenters at HCIC. The best part is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home to attend. No luggage, no airplanes, no TSA, no hassle – it’s a win-win!

    Visit the Backstage Pass registration page to sign up for these three Web Clinics or any of the remaining 2016 Clinics.

    Don’t Miss October’s CRM Conference! Early Registration Ends Sept. 2

    crmIf you’re considering attending the CRM workshop, Customer Relationship Management: Making the Most of Your CRM Investment, being held September 4-5, 2016 in Chicago, you should register very soon, as the "early-bird" discount will end on September 2nd. Register now to take advantage!

    This healthcare MarTech Workshop, co-sponsored by Corrigan Partners and Greystone.Net, will be a deep dive into and open dialogue about the challenges of selecting, implementing and optimizing a CRM solution for your health system. Over 1½ days, you’ll participate in educational sessions, facilitated discussions and open dialogue on several topics related to selecting a CRM for your organization.

    In addition to Greystone.Net and Corrigan Partner speakers, two guest speakers have been announced:

    • Brittany Graffagnini, Director of Marketing, Ochsner Health System
    • Megan Yore, Chief Communications Officer and Director of Marketing, Lakeland Health

    Don’t miss out – register today to take advantage of this important educational opportunity!


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