GreyMatters 2016


Mobile Video Becoming More Dominant

videoIt’s no great revelation that video has become more pervasive as a marketing tool as mobile technology has evolved. A new study from Yahoo reveals some insights that can guide marketers as they develop their organization’s video marketing strategies.

Specific findings from the study include:

  • Videos are watched more frequently on Smartphones (55%) and tablets (48%) than on PCs (34%).
  • More videos were watched on Smartphones in 2015 than in 2014.
  • Tailoring video ads to devices increases impact, with 58% of video impressions available across devices and 40% available to PCs only.
  • Barriers to mobile data include smaller screens, battery life and high cost of data plans with larger data limits. Over one-third (37%) of younger consumers find expensive data plans to be prohibitive.
  • The combination of PC and mobile ad exposure led to increases in brand awareness (8%), online ad awareness (30%) and the brand being viewed favorably (14%).

In order to reach the most people, marketers need to consider cross-screen engagement to facilitate higher brand awareness and favorability.

Does your organization’s mobile strategy include videos? If so, are your videos tailored for various devices?


Challenges to Optimization of Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient Engagement

healthWhile the majority of healthcare organizations (almost two-thirds) have included remote patient monitoring and analytics in their strategies to address population health management, one barrier to optimizing patient care is translating data into more useful clinical tools.

A study from Spyglass Consulting Group found:

  • Remote patient monitoring solutions are being used by 84% of providers to support patients after hospital discharge.
  • Analytics and big data are used by 79% of providers to support their population health efforts.
  • BYOD options for clinicians and other mobile technologies to support patients with chronic conditions are being considered by the provider organizations.

However, while most organizations recognize the importance of reducing hospital readmissions and increasing patient engagement and have population health initiatives, they are challenged by trying to incorporate the data they collect into their clinical processes.

Provider organizations are on board with utilizing remote patient monitoring options to support those patients at highest risk for readmission. Options under consideration may include tablets and wearables. But whatever strategy is chosen, patients must be engaged.

Gregg Malkary, managing director at Spyglass, says, "Analytics provides a huge opportunity, but we lack the data science and medical algorithms. We don't really know how to translate certain data because medical science is immature. We aren’t able to make decisions based on the data.”

Malkary states there is a need for a patient engagement platform that can utilize data to help activate the patient into the care process.

How is your organization addressing population health and ACO issues?


Digital Disruption: CMOs Aware, But Not Managing It

digitalA recent survey of CMOs from Korn Ferry indicates that while these executives are aware of digital disruption, their organizations are not doing as much as they can to address it.

The 2015 CMO Pulse Survey revealed that addressing digital disruption and adopting more customer-centric strategies remain a challenge for marketers. According to the survey, almost half (47%) of the 484 survey respondents (CMOs and senior marketing executives) recognize the impending impact of digital disruption but are not leading an active campaign to deal with it. While most of the survey respondents (90%) said their organizations are attempting to become more customer-centric, they admit they are struggling with implementing the changes they were hired to make. They attribute this struggle as a major factor of low CMO tenure.

Additional survey findings include:

  • 68% of CMOs said that personalizing the customer experience is a key priority, yet over half of them also said that difficulty in aligning all the organizational pieces to provide a personalized experience is their biggest hurdle.
  • Data and analytics are important – 70% of the survey respondents said that results of customer data has motivated their organizations to more of a customer focus.
  • An increased use of real-time, predictive analytics is anticipated by almost half of the survey respondents.

Caren Fleit, senior client partner and leader of Korn Ferry's Global Marketing Center of Expertise, says, "Effectively leveraging data analytics to learn more about and connect deeply with consumers requires today's CMOs to be adept at engaging both their left brain, to glean actionable insights from data and analytics, as well as their right brain, to develop creative approaches to complex problems. In order to affect the necessary change required for a seamless and personalized customer experience, CMOs also need to flex a big leadership muscle to break down organizational silos, inspire cross-functional collaboration, and gain 'buy-in' needed from stakeholders across the organization."

What strategies are being used by your organization to provide a personalized user experience? Is senior marketing leadership on board with these strategies?


Backstage Pass Web Clinics for 2016

backstage-passThe Backstage Pass Web Clinic series is about to begin its fourth year with an all-new schedule of Webinars.

This series is unique because you are able to learn from hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, providing case studies and lessons learned on the latest trending topics.

When vendors present with the hospital client, they are the supporting cast in the presentation, not the main event, meaning that these Web Clinics are not about Greystone.Net or the vendor, they are about providing the knowledge needed for you to be successful at your job.

The schedule and discount registration options will be available soon. We will send out announcements via email and social media when the information is ready.


HCIC 2015 Rewind – Have You Ordered Yet?

rewindYou hurried home from the 19th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference and dove back into work to get caught up before the holidays started.

Now the holidays are over and you've still been meaning to order HCIC Rewind so you can share the conference sessions with your colleagues or hear some of the sessions you weren't able to attend, but it just keeps falling off your radar.

Not to worry! You still have time to order the audio recordings – synced with the presentations – of all sessions presented at the HCIC. Place your order now and you'll receive access to a link where you can download the recordings. For conference attendees, the session recordings are available for $250. Non-attendees can obtain the recordings for $450.

If you already purchased Rewind, access is available by following the Rewind link. If you don't know your username and password, just Contact Us


Exhibitor/Vendor Prospectus for 20th Annual HCIC Coming Soon

20th-HCICYes, we know it’s only just January, but the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference will be here before you know it!

If you are a Web solutions vendor, a digital agency, an Information Technology company or Internet vendor seeking to connect with healthcare prospects, watch for the Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus for the upcoming HCIC in Las Vegas. The prospectus will contain all you need to know about securing a booth and/or becoming a sponsor.

The Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus will be available later this month, so be on the lookout for more information. We will send out a notification via email and social media when the prospectus is available. Be sure to check the prospectus out and apply early, as booth space will be limited and the best spots go quickly.


Call For Speakers – 20th Annual HCIC

speakersHave you ever considered speaking at a national conference? Has your organization successfully implemented a new program or strategy that you think might benefit others in our industry?

If so, be on the lookout for the Call for Speakers for the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference, which will be held in November 2016 in Las Vegas. The Call for Speakers will be available in early February. Notices will be sent out via email and social media when it is ready.

As a speaker at the HCIC, you'll:

  • Receive a significantly discounted registration fee to attend all educational events and the exhibit hall.
  • Network with other speakers, keynote speakers and colleagues.
  • Share your expertise and experience with others.
  • Attend multiple receptions, lunches and events.
  • Learn from other colleagues and vendors.
  • Be able to attend one of the four pre-conference sessions of your choice.

All proposals must be submitted online and are due on February 26, 2016.


Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Seeks New Judges

hihofIf you have been looking for an opportunity to serve in an industry-wide capacity, consider applying to be a judge for the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF). HIHOF is an independent organization whose annual inductees are selected by a Board of Judges composed of experienced industry providers and vendors.

Four members of the current Board of Judges are retiring from their positions, so the Board is looking to fill their slots. If you are interested in serving as a judge, please visit for more information.


Did You Know?

Looking for something you posted on Facebook last week, last month or even three years ago? You don’t have to scroll forever to find it.

When Facebook updated the search graph function a couple of years ago, a quick search method to find specific posts was included. To find something you posted, simply type “posts by me with [insert topic or name you’re looking for]” in the search bar and the results will show all of your posts that include that topic or name. If you’re looking for something posted by someone else, type “posts by my friends [insert name or topic]” or “posts liked by me [insert name or topic]” in the search bar.


Greystone Product Spotlight – Vendor Selection Counsel

planningIs your organization planning a large purchase this year? Are you considering using a vendor for a large project such as a Web redesign or updating a major software system?

For any hospital or healthcare system interested in selecting the right vendor for your digital needs, the selection process can be a daunting challenge. Look to Greystone.Net to help you through the selection process using a proven strategy, our vendor expertise and an objective, agnostic approach to vendor selection.

Through Greystone’s Vendor Selection process, we can help you find the right partner who meets your needs and matches your strategy. We provide assistance in selecting the following types of vendors:

  • Content management system (CMS) vendors
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors
  • Design and digital marketing agencies
  • Call center software and outsourcing vendors.

Greystone manages the entire vendor selection process while providing strategic guidance and education surrounding qualified vendors capable of successfully completing the required specifications of the digital project. Among other things Greystone will:

  • Provide education surrounding qualified and reputable vendors for your project
  • Draft and distribute the project RFP
  • Review and compare vendor proposals
  • Handle all logistics for on-site demos

During any vendor selection process, you will receive:

  • A professional and experienced project manager to handle all the details of the process from start to final selection.
  • Knowledge of and experience with the vendors, what they offer, what they are capable of and how they price.
  • Established and time-tested functional and technical specifications that will be tailored to meet your needs.
  • A proven process for RFP development and evaluation, including score sheets for evaluating proposals and vendor demonstrations.

Let us help you simplify a complicated process by providing guidance in selecting the right vendor for the right project. Contact us by calling 770-407-7670, email us at or complete our online information request form.


App Review - CareCube

carecubeAdvances in technology have brought about many high-tech solutions to improve our lives in a number of ways. Sometimes, however, it’s the simple things that work best.

QuietTyme, a company based in Madison, WI, has developed a simple communications device for use by hospitalized patients. A variation on the traditional “call bell” system, the CareCube provides a simple way for patients to communicate with their caregivers.

The CareCube is about the same size and shape as a Rubik’s cube. Each face of the cube indicates a different patient need: nursing care, food/nutrition, housekeeping, emergency situation, etc. When a patient needs something, he or she simply moves the cube to display the icon for the requested service, and a Bluetooth-enabled wireless signal is sent to the appropriate location to respond to the patient. This method helps to eliminate unnecessary noise and disturbances, which is a major patient complaint in hospitals.

CareCube was to go live in a handful of hospitals during December 2015, with more roll-outs happening in 2016. The developer of CareCube plans to ultimately use the device as an interface with other devices and technologies used in hospitals, such as pagers, Smartphones, tablets, etc., to facilitate communications between patients and support staff and improve patient experience.