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Personalization, Real-Time Interaction Are Difficult for Marketers

marketerA recent survey of North American and European senior marketing executives assessed how these executives perceived their ability to adapt and predict the customer journey and the actions that will result in maximum value, and found a lack of mastery of these tactics.

The survey, performed by the CMO Council in partnership with Pegasystems during Q3 and Q4 of 2015, included over 150 senior marketing executives. Only 5% of the executives responding to the survey expressed confidence in their proficiency in delivering a personalized, relevant engagement across multiple channels. They have the intention of delivering such an experience, but encounter challenges such as adequately harnessing the data available to them and instantly transforming it into content that is meaningful to their customers and meets their preferences.

Additional findings from the survey included:

  • 23% of the survey respondents were confident in their ability to discern broad customer trends as they developed.
  • 20% admitted difficulty in moving beyond the first step after predicting their next best action based on data.
  • Successful delivery of brand promises was a hit-or-miss proposition for two-thirds of the respondents, and 14% of the respondents felt they were not delivering on brand promises at all.

Survey respondents listed the following as their sources for engaging with customers, as well as learning about their customers and prospects:

  • Corporate Website visits (74%)
  • Sales data and CRM-based customer records (68%)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (57%)

How is your organization doing with personalization and real-time engagement with your intended audience? Do you know how your senior marketing management has assessed your organization’s efforts?


Snapchat Ads Gaining in Popularity

snapchatSnapchat, which quickly became the darling of teens and young adults when it debuted four years ago, is becoming more mainstream, with over 100 million users worldwide taking over 700 million snaps each day. As its popularity increases among a broader audience, Snapchat’s popularity is also increasing with marketers.

Considering that Snapchat’s appeal is based on posting images that quickly disappear, it may be hard to wrap one’s head around using the social platform for marketing. However, data from eMarketer indicates that the group of media buyers looking for new ad platforms not used in the previous year, 22% will focus their ad spend on Snapchat, while only 4% plan to place ads on Facebook.Snapchat claims to be accommodating this increased ad traffic by building out its API for ad partners.

Tied for second place in projected 2016 ad spend are Instagram and Pinterest, with 12% of ad buyers planning to spend on each of these platforms.

Why is it important to know about these trends? For one thing, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are primarily visual platforms that can cater to the desire of consumers to see a brand’s products, not just read about them. Using visuals enables a brand to tell stories in a much more engaging manner, thus establishing more of a connection with their audience. Your organization will need to up its game with images and other visual content in order to compete on these platforms.

Has your organization included Snapchat in its social strategy? If so, we’d love to hear how it’s working for you! Please tell us about your experience at


Moving Wearables Data Into Patient Records

wearablesWhat if all the data accrued by various wearable devices could be integrated into patient health records? Carolinas Healthcare in Charlotte, NC, has developed an app that brings this idea much closer to reality.

MyCarolinas Tracker is an app that collects information from a person’s wearable device and stores it in the patient’s portal, and organizes the data in a manner that can be shared with family members, caregivers and other providers. Although the data is stored away from the patient’s electronic health record, it can be pulled into the patient’s interactions with the health system and used by clinicians with the patient’s consent.

MyCarolinas Tracker is the second app developed by the health system. The first app was downloaded by people all across the country, from Washington state to the Virgin Islands. Realizing that such a geographic diversity was not conducive to improving care of the health system’s patients, the second app was developed with the patient portal storage option to capture information from Carolinas patients.

Although Carolinas Healthcare is thought to be the first health system in the US to launch an app with such data collection capabilities from a wide variety of consumer wearable, other health systems are working to launch similar apps, including Oschner Health and Duke University Health.

Craig Richardville, CIO at Carolinas Healthcare, says, “These health and wellness devices are already a part of everyday life for so many people. We want to [tap into that routine] in a way that makes it convenient for them … and easy for them to [communicate] with us.”

Dr. Greg Weidner, medical director of the Carolinas HealthCare System Proactive Health group, says, "With this tool, our care managers can see what's going on with the patient in between visits. We have a better sense of what's going well and what areas need extra attention."

Has your organization taken steps to incorporate data from patient wearable devices?


Content: Valuable Asset or Overwhelming Distraction?

universeTo marketers, content is like water: it’s essential to life but in excess, it can drown you. A new study from Accenture Interactive finds that marketers are concerned about dealing with massive amounts of content.

According to Accenture, “The mass of digital content created by people and machines all over the world – everything digital from social media posts to personal electronic medical records – is the digital universe. The term is fitting. It suggests something so vast that it defies the boundaries of space and time the size of the digital universe doubles every two years. By 2020, it will reach a staggering 44 trillion gigabytes.”

The executives surveyed expressed concern over keeping tabs on so much content, let alone strategizing how to use it. In fact, 53% of the executives surveyed said they are now spending more of their time on operational details related to content than on basic marketing and branding activities. And 80% of the survey respondents believe they’ll be spending even more time on content-related operational details in the next two years.

Having a content strategy that addresses both current and future needs was attributed to only 58% of the companies responding to the survey. A more centralized content management approach may be helpful in controlling the content being created and leveraging it in the most effective manner.

Donna Tufts, global managing director, content services, at Accenture, says, “Content fuels virtually everything a marketer touches—all roads lead there. Content is marketing's most vital asset—literally the currency of communication powering engagement and driving sales. Ironically, the exponential digital content growth now has the potential to become marketing's greatest obstacle to drive value from it."


Backstage Pass: New Season Starts March 9!

Backstage PassThe 2016 Backstage Pass Web Clinic series kicks off with the first session of the season on Wednesday, March 9, followed by additional sessions on March 23 and March 30. The following sessions will presented at 1:00 p.m. ET on those dates:

  • Wednesday, March 9: Leveraging Pioneering Strategies from Customer-Centered Markets to Accelerate Healthcare’s Consumer-Patient Capabilities, presented by Rich Phillips, Chief Technology Officer at Tampa General Hospital and Chris Behan, President, Socius Marketing.
  • Wednesday, March 23: Build a Better Patient Experience Online, presented by Julie-Goldstein Dunn, Digital Marketing Manager at Henry Ford Health System and Ahava Leibtag, CEO, Aha Media.
  • Wednesday, March 30: Thinking Beyond the Download, presented by Krystan Van Veghten, Director of Marketing at iTriage, LLC, and Kate Wright, Marketing Manager, at iTriage.

Season 1 of the Backstage Pass Web Clinic series will comprise 7 individual sessions, running through June 15th. Season 2 will pick up shortly afterwards. The price per session is $95, but if you register for all 7 sessions by March 9, you can attend all 7 sessions for just $300. That’s more than half off the a la carte price!

Backstage Pass is a Webinar series that extends the education from the annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) by providing a monthly health check throughout the year for those who may have missed a topic of interest or who weren't able to attend HCIC at all. The Webinars are case studies from the top presenters at HCIC. The best part is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home to attend. No luggage, no airplanes, no TSA, no hassle – it’s a win-win!

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Exhibit or Sponsor at the 20th Annual HCIC

20th-HCICThe Exhibitor/Sponsor Prospectus for the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas was released last month. To date, we’ve already sold almost 30 booths and enlisted several sponsors.

If your organization is considering exhibiting and/or sponsoring at this year’s conference in November, you’re encouraged to go ahead and sign up now. There are some new options this year, so be sure to check out the prospectus and submit early, as booth space and sponsorships are limited and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!


Last Call for HCIC Speakers

The deadline for the Call for Speaker applications has been extended to March 4, 2016. If you or someone in your organization has considered speaking at the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in November, please submit your application ASAP.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of healthcare's most forward-thinking educational conference on Healthcare Marketing Internet Strategies and Solutions! Check out the Call for Speakers brochure and complete your application today.


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