GreyMatters 2017


Monthly Highlights:


Tweets With 280 Characters: How Does This Affect Marketers?

After years of complaints and requests for change, Twitter has finally acquiesced and increased the per-Tweet character minimum to 280. For those of us who have difficulty being concise, this is a godsend. However, how will this affect your Twitter strategy?


HCIC17: Three Glorious Days in Austin!

The 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference concluded on October 25, 2017, after three great days of learning, networking and spending time in the amazing city of Austin. This was HCIC’s first time in Austin, but it probably won’t be the last. What a great city for our conference!


MarCom to MarTech: What CMOs Must Do to Succeed in 2017 and Beyond

At last month’s SHSMD Connections conference, Kathy Divis and Karen Corrigan presented a session on “MarCom to MarTech: What CMOs Must Do to Succeed in 2017 and Beyond.” Kathy is President of Greystone.Net and Karen is CEO at Corrigan Consulting.


Google Glass’s Increasing Role in Healthcare

When Google Glass was first introduced in 2013, it was all the rage…for about 10 minutes. While it didn’t catch on with consumers as hoped, the technology is being adapted into various professional settings, including healthcare.


Let’s Talk 2017 Event Faculty and Schedule Revealed

If you are a healthcare provider and are planning to attend the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin in October, please consider arriving a day early to join Greystone.Net and Healthgrades at Let’s Talk: Conversion.


Internet Trends 2017: Mary Meeker’s Annual Report

In June, Mary Meeker’s annual report on internet trends was released. This is a highly-anticipated event each year. Unlike previous years, the healthcare sector received special emphasis. What did this year’s report find?


Choosing Consultants to Guide Overall Brand and Marketing Strategy: A Case Study Summary

At the recent Healthcare Marketing & Physicians Strategies Summit (HMPS17) in Austin, Kathy Divis, President & Co-Founder of Greystone.Net, along with Chaka Jordan, Vice President Marketing & Strategic Planning at Blessing Health System; Rob Klein, Founder & CEO at Klein & Partners; and Brian Whitman, President at Corrigan Consulting, collaborated to present “Integrating Business, Brand and Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth.” This presentation was a case study of three groups of consultants coming together to work with Blessing Health System to help the organization achieve its marketing and strategic goals.


More Investment in Telehealth Is Coming

Is your organization thinking about jumping aboard the telehealth/telemedicine train? Or have you taken steps already to establish a telehealth service? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you are not alone. A recent survey of healthcare executives found that 83% of respondents are planning to invest in some sort of telehealth services or are very likely to do so.


Looking for Reviews on Physician-Rating Websites

Online reviews have become very important as consumers make choices about products and services. In fact, 92% of consumers read online reviews, compared to 88% in 2014. And online reviews are important to almost 60% of patients when they are looking for a doctor. However, in a recent study published in JAMA, physician-rating sites were found to be limited in scope and usefulness.


Patient Engagement Technology: Providers Like It, But Cost Is A Worry

According to a recent survey, many providers think that tools (such as wearables, smartphone apps and online patient portals) to increase patient engagement are beneficial. However, these tools aren’t being widely used because of the cost.


Healthcare and Hospitality Organizations Team Up to Provide Patient Housing Options

Last month, we looked at ways that healthcare organizations are working on transportation options to improve patient attendance for non-emergency appointments. This month, we will look at how healthcare organizations are working with hospitality organizations to improve patient experience with on-campus or nearby housing options for patients and their families.


Experts Look at SEO Trends for 2017

As we enter into a new year, it’s helpful to have an idea of what to expect moving forward. SEO is one of many components of an effective marketing strategy. Econsultancy talked with several experts to get their impressions of what the 2017 SEO landscape might look like.